About Us

For the last 35 years, Uniross has been working in a sector that has important consequences for the future of our planet.

We design and distribute energy solutions, which are sustainable, innovative and environmentally responsible.

We are entirely committed to the protection of the environment and have set up associations to collect and re-cycle used batteries. We are also cofounders of RECHARGE, the European association for the promotion and management of rechargeable batteries throughout their lifespan. Our rapid international growth and development over the past five years has enabled us to become the largest specialist battery company in the world and one of 3 world leaders in the rechargeable consumer battery market. Uniross is considered to be an industry reference.

Our annual growth rate of over 30% is largely due to our ability to innovate in the fast growing technology market and create energy solutions for portable applications whose demand has literally exploded over the last three years. At the Uniross Research and Development Centre, we have developed mobile power solutions to meet the increasing need for high power ratings, long-lasting power supplies and miniaturisation. We provide our clients - industrial and mass-market alike - with long-lasting power sources for all portable and standby applications, improving the quality of their everyday life.

Our capacity for innovation is further enhanced by the reactivity and flexibility of our marketing, sales and technical teams. Looking to the future, our company is developing and perfecting the mobile energy solutions that we will all need in the years to come.

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