Battery Recycling

Show your commitment to preserving our environment by joining Uniross in recycling your old batteries today.

When it's time to replace these batteries, the old ones are being discarded into our general household refuse. This equates to approximately 5500 tons worth of hazardous battery waste being disposed into landfills each year, and growing.

These discarded batteries eventually degrade and corrode, leaking their toxic chemicals into our earth & ground water.

We live on a planet with limited resources and limited space, and for this reason, we at Uniross, have committed to making a change. We make our living out of batteries, and believe that it’s our responsibility to deal with the waste, which has been created through the design, manufacture and supply of our batteries. As such, we offer any Uniross customer the opportunity to return their Uniross batteries to us, for recycling – Free of Charge.