Social Responsibility

Batteries are made of chemicals and valuable raw materials.

They should be collected at end of life and processed for recycling in order to avoid the losses of chemicals to our environment and to enhance the sustainable management of our resources. Uniross is co-founder of two associations and is actively committed to working towards increasing the percentage of batteries recycled and encouraging the use of the rechargeable power sources. Using rechargeable batteries is a viable economic and environmental alternative to disposable batteries as they can be recharged up to 1000* times, cutting potential battery waste volume to a 1000th of its current level!

*depending on usage

Uniross has implemented an ethical and social program, in particular intended for countries where labour law is very poor. In each plant represented on the international level (Asia, Africa…), Uniross performs a social audit meant to understand and suggest solutions for better working conditions (safety, health, hygiene, noise, accommodation…). We accompany our partners with the purpose of improvement in these areas.

Uniross excludes any local practices that are not in compliance with its chart. In particular, we refuse the employment of children, ethical discriminations, and abusive working times.

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